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Mardia and Mustaffa

Keeping "Baking Traditions Alive" for nearly 20 years in the Sungai Buloh area.

Fom our humble beginings we have been using sourdough to ferment our dough. We have promoted sourdough baking and made it popular in Malaysia. We paired with 'justlife' shops around 15 years ago. Not only have they sold our bread but we joined them to promote pure foods.

  • Our Sourdough culture has been freely distributed in and around Malaysia
  • Our bakery has always welcomed not only customers but fellow bakers
  • Several schools have visited us to gain knowledge of baking.

We place a great emphasis on education. Welcoming both Adult and Child education institutions to come and see how bread is made from the flours that we mill right here in the Bakery. Located in a 'fast changing' rural Kampong our Bakery provides a conducive environment for Baking and food production.

We make all our own pastries and dough using organic flours. We mill organic grains to produce fresh wholegrain wheat and rye flours.

Fresh milled grains retain all of the original nutrients.

  • Our organic grains are from Australia and India and sourced locally.
  • Our Flours are from Turkey.
  • We use Malts in some of our products as a sweetner and for taste.
  • Malts are made from Sprouted and Baked Barley grains in the United Kingdom by Muntons.

We only use organic or natural products for our products. We do not use 'fake' sourdough by using pre-mixes. We do sometimes add fresh yeast to some wholegrain products alongside sourdough to provide a lighter loaf. However the amount is less than 1 gram.


A selection of images from the last 20 years, providing us with a reminder of our products and you our customers.


Forming Pain au chocolat

Dough rising

Milling flour

Our chickens

Chicken and Stuffing Pie

Bread Making classes

Pop-up Tropicana Avenue

Baker & JustLife


We are always pleased to meet people, but we suggest you call ahead so we can provide you directions and, of course, to check we are available.


1675a-1 Jalan Gajah 14, Kampong Kubu Gajah, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor


+60 18-364 8703